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CNS provide real-time information for trade throughout the UK. Ports, freight forwarders and terminal operators rely on CNS import and export information. Without them, international trade would grind to a halt. They came to us with an identity that was a lot less dynamic than their services. There was however heritage in both their logo and their tagline ‘keeping the information flowing’. So rather than revolution, we suggested an evolution that retained the overall form of the logo  but both changed the colours and made the tagline work harder. The three squares were meant to represent Air, Sea and Land, but this wasn’t at all clear to anyone who engaged with the brand. We therefore ensured it was immediately obvious by developing three icons to represent these three forms. The use of the arrows throughout helped remind people that CNS kept the information flowing…

The Air, Sea and Land icons were applied to a coloured background and placed on the reverse of all company stationery. The new colour palette formed the basis of PowerPoint templates, Word documents and other forms of company collateral. With the new visual identity in place, we developed ad templates and exhibition graphics using the newly created visual language of arrows, continuous flow and distinctive colour scheme. The result is a coherent, recognisable identity that not only explains the logo but also reinforces the tagline.